the hunt for Hong Kong's perfect red cardigan

the hunt for Hong Kong's perfect red cardigan

Jul 17, 2023Laila Albuquerque



Let's be honest here. Hong Kong is a vibrant city of diverse people. Imagine our surprise when we managed to find not one, not two, but four bright red sweaters/cardigan hybrids in one of our sorting sessions. That's 5% of our total collection at the moment! 

Fashion trends are forming and morphing everyday, we know this. But something is to be said about how trends die off, and multiple eerily similar red sweaters show up in the same ruffled ikea bag of a thrift store warehouse. The study of the reemergence of trends through resale is something that excites us - the idea that maybe bright red sweaters will make a comeback soon and the 4 we have in stock will end up in a loving home.

But what if I told you red goes with everyone's skin tone - especially yours? What if I told you these sweaters are really good quality, that we're sure its previous owner let it go for good reason, and that it is worth wearing outside of what is trending at the moment?

We don't know what your waredrobe looks like. All we know is, 4 red cardigans in, we're pretty sure we caught some good ones. One that may be worth keeping, you know? 


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