Salvaged Gift kits

Want to gift something cozy to a friend? This holiday season, give the gift of joy and conscious shopping to your loved ones with our exclusive Salvaged Gift Kit. Each kit is thoughtfully curated to provide a memorable experience for the recipient, complete with a personalized printed message and a unique discount code that can be redeemed both online and in our expansive showroom of 1000+ preloved items.

Why choose the Salvaged Gift Kit:

  1. Sustainable Fashion Delivered: Our gift kits allow you to introduce your friends and family to the world of secondhand clothing, reducing textile waste without breaking the bank

  2. Personalized Touch: Each kit includes a personalized printed message, and a Salvaged postcard allowing you to express your appreciation for their friendship, unique style and commitment to sustainable choices.

  3. Limitless access: With every Salvaged Gift Kit, we provide a discount code that can be used site-wide and in our showroom. Your loved ones will have the freedom to explore our extensive collection of 1000+ previously rejected items, from trendy vintage pieces to timeless classics and wardrobe stables. No one has left our showroom empty-handed yet!

  4. Sustainable Shopping Experience: Salvaged is not just a store; it's a community built on the values of sustainability and conscious consumption. By gifting the Salvaged Gift Kit, you're inviting your friends and family to join this movement and make a positive impact on the planet - & to us that's priceless!

What are you waiting for? Buy the Savaged Gift kit this season!