Remake Your Jeans

Rehoming Marathon

Do not miss this community sorting event where clothes can be mended, swopped and sold by kilo. Meet beautiful friends and clothing in the process. We love you!

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Something special for everyone!
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Everything you need to know about Rehoming Marathon

You have to buy a ticket for a specific swop session to convert your clothes into points for redemption at the kilo sale. 1 point = 1 clothing item.

While there is no quantity limit, only non-fast fashion, washed and non-damaged items are accepted!

Pick out your favourite items then we weigh together to determine the final amount!

1 kilo is roughly 5 shirts OR 4 dresses OR 2 jumpers OR a pair of jeans.

Our rates change based off of how much you buy:
<1kg of clothing = 250/kg
1kg+ of clothing = 200/kg
8kg+ of clothing = 150/kg

Come with a friend and save, save, save!