About Us

The world has enough clothes.
As long as clothing waste exists, we exist.

There are wastelands of rejected clothing visible from space. We want to upload clothes online to be accessed and purchased outside of closets and warehouses. Donate what you don’t need, and shop for high quality clothing at the fraction of the price, so you can empower every aspect of your lifestyle. Salvaged is for those who believe we should consider what already exists before making anything new. 

Origin Danny is a minimalist who cannot remember the last time he’s gone shopping. Laila has thrifted exclusively her entire life. With Indian and Korean backgrounds, the two cofounders connected over their first-hand experience of ill-managed textile waste.
Platform  Our starting point is this very website - we hope to bring thrift online to make thrifting as easy as possible, to eventually compete with fast fashion in a new and circular world. How are we doing so far? → let us know with our one minute feedback quiz!
Source  We are lucky to call ourselves partners with Green Ladies and Redress. Besides this, we also accept donations - Have unwanted clothes you would like to see on the site? Stop by our warehouse or arrange a drop-off here.
Packaging  Circularity and anti-waste are in our DNA. We are proud to have partnered with Invisible since Day 1, to ship every single one of our pieces in compostable mailer bags. Did you order one of our items? It dissolves in water! 
Studio we listened to the early-day opinions of our loyal customers and moved to a warehouse in a more central location - Por Mee Factory Building, Lai Chi Kok. Do make a booking and stop by, let’s be friends!


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